Identification Cards solution

Cards, solutions, printers & more for a complete ID program for business and governments.
We can customize solutions by identifying the challenges, determining what information needs to be collected and ID card features, Menta can design the best solution to fits organization’s needs.

Card design and supply

Card design and supply

A full suite of card security features, including OVI, IRIS Print, Guilloche/ Fine Line Pattern and tactile Laser. Additional card features include barcode printing, Chip encoding and custom design using our Premium printers.
Our ID cards can be used for digital and non-digital identification, online access and attendance, payments and more.

Data preparation

Data collection

Menta provides smart Identification solutions of Biometric data collection and enrollment activities setup and operations with professionalism and accuracy to meet client’s expectation in smart way.

Payment card personalization

Card Personalization

Menta has 3 data centers in Iraq that are insured and complies with the international standards for issuing IDs with the implementation of the PCI requirements. A visit can be made to the client team to view the technologies used, precautions and procedures to ensure the security of data and cards.

Card Fulfillment

Card Fulfillment

We in Menta are able to provide a secure all-in-one automated process to implement an optimal fulfillment with a wide range of packaging design features according to the client need. Our process is optimally integrated and automated across all channels and with interface to reduced manual processing of data decreases susceptibility to errors.

Card delivery

Card Delivery

our distribution and tracking solution in Menta designed to fit ID cards requirement by providing a secure equipment & procedures to deliver the card in a safe way whether one by one or mass production in high flexibility to home, office or internationally